Imagine if you designed and printed brochures and then locked them in your stationery cupboard. Would it then make sense, after six months when they haven’t generated any sales, that what is required is a prettier design? Obviously this would be ludicrous, but if you don’t generate traffic to your website you are in the same situation!

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO used to be the stuff of magic. It mainly consisted of assigning hidden background metatag words to your pages that Google and others would be able to read. This was until 2009 when Google stopped using them. Now Search Engines have moved on and can read and understand your entire page. You will be ranked according to the relevance and quality of your content. Today, the key to a successful website is quality, quantity and rate of change of content; as well as backlinks to your website, predominantly from social media services.

Social Media

LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and so many more… Staying on top of this sounds like hard work. It’s not. You only need the right system. Right out of the box you have also become the master of social media – simultaneously with updating your website. Our system allows you post on up to 40 social platforms automatically to maximise your online exposure, creating traffic and back-links to your website. Everything happens with the click of a single Publish button, once the infrastructure has been built and configured.

In addition to you feeding your social channels, you also want others to be able to share your content to their preferred social networks. Again, we can help by providing sharing solutions that are compatible with all the important social media networks. Your customers will surely be on one of them.