Having a holistic overview and being in control is key. This applies to both your business operations, as well as your website and mailings. Measuring the right data can make the difference in making a good or regrettable decision.

When you ask web-publishers on how successful your site is you may be told something like “it got 12,000 Hits in the last month”. This sounds like a lot – or does it?

Website Statistics 101

  • Hit – A file has been opened. The page is a file, but so is every image and object on the page. So one page may easily rack up ten hits.
  • Pageview – also known as ‘impression’ refers to the total count of individual pages (Homepage, Sub-Pages, Blog etc) that users have viewed in a given time-frame. On average, one user looks at 2-6 pages in one website session.
  • User – a person who looks at your website.

The terminology makes it difficult for an untrained ear to distinguish the difference. In our example, the 12,000 Hits are translated into only 200 real users per month and some of these could be the same person.

Be sure you understand what you are really getting.

Your Prospects and Customers

  • Who are your prospects?
  • Where are they based?
  • What are their interests?
  • Do they really care about the things you think they do?

Get all the info you need about age, gender, interests, language, location, behaviour, their technology in use and more. Know who visits your website, why, how and where. The same information can be drawn from your mailings.

Learn what you need to know to turn prospects into customers and customers into repeat clients.

Call to Action in Emails

Do you plan on promoting special events, exclusive sales, or more through your Email Newsletter Channel? Do you want to know who is interested in buying, but hasn’t actually committed yet? Find out who these people are, to be able to then market to them again directly.