About Us

In the last 25 years the internet has given start-ups, small and medium businesses unprecedented opportunities to compete with large companies that could afford television.

The challenges are that these technologies can burn time and be frustrating if not handled well.

Most business principals are looking for a technology partner that can:

  • Explain the options in plain English.
  • Be open. No-one wants to feel they are being held to ransom over their own content.
  • Follow requests, but in addition can proactively suggest opportunities that arise as technology advances.

This is commonly verbalised as:

  • I want to easily see the results.
  • I want to know the cost upfront, with no surprises.
  • I want the option of adding an easy-to-use, secure shop.
  • I want to create news articles myself, with just Word level skills.
  • If I want support or work by an expert, I want to know the hourly rate.
  • I want the option of proactively communicating with my prospects and clients.
  • I want to proactively distribute articles across social media, without it being a time burden.
  • I want an expert to do the initial setup, but then I want to add pages or adjust content myself without being a programmer.
  • Sometimes I get diverted by what is Urgent away from what is Important and I want someone who can enthuse me and project manage to get the job done.

Sunshine N Water can bring together our Marketing and I.T. skills to enable you to reach your business goals.

Sunshine N Water’s method of working is to have a relaxed exploratory meeting to understand what you would like to achieve in your business and to introduce ourselves. We then go away and consider what we have learnt about your needs, before coming back to present a tailored proposal.